BVICAM's Pedagogy

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BVICAM imparts education through healthy and non-discriminatory teaching practices. The Institute aims at peace-loving and sensitive attitude among the students. At BVICAM, the theory is directly linked to the corporate experience. Students’-centered lecture sessions are integrated with greater emphasis on presentation, case studies, workshops, laboratory work, seminars, tutorials, and role-plays. We believe in collective participation of Staff, Students, Parents and Industry for developing the Institute and tailoring the teaching-learning process in line to industry expectations. Structured Learning Manual is at the core of our thoughtfully-designed Teaching Learning Process.

“Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used

sticks in our mind. Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.”

                                                                                                                                     - Dale Carnegie

BVICAM is a blend of professionalism and values. To achieve this right mix, some practices are followed by the Institute like Uniform for students, Training and Placement, Guidance for Aptitude Test and Group Discussion, Participation in professional societies like CSI, ISTE and IEEE activities, Personality Development, Industry Institution Interaction, Research, Development and Consultancy exposure through  technical events like National Students’ Convention, Art of living, etc.

At BVICAM, learning through practice is the basic approach, and winning is an attitude. We not only take care of IQ but also focus on EQ. Invited Talks, Live Project, Summer Training, Final Dissertation, etc. help students in getting an in-depth understanding of Corporates’ Business Process Engineering.

Learning to Learn

Theoretical knowledge is more effective when combined, appropriately, with practical learning. So, the study plans at BVICAM contain a practical element. Also, each technical area is specifically designed to be a close replica of its respective professional environment. Thus, making the transition from university to first professional position is a much earlier process. The components of our learning methodology are:

·         Interactive classroom sessions

·         Hands-on experience to advanced technologies and tools in labs

·         Supervised work experience

A Personalized Approach

BVICAM offers a personalized approach to identify and overcome the shortcomings and spruce the strengths of all its students through regular counseling and other related measures.

Regular mock sessions are conducted with the help of experts and Industry professionals to understand the Parameter based individual scorecard and required improvement is suggested.

Excellence Inspires. Experience it.

We strongly believe that the best source of inspiration is to see efforts being rewarded adequately. At BVICAM, excellence, be it in any field, is aptly recognized and appreciated so that it can inspire the witnesses to get a taste of the experience themselves.

Multi-dimensional talent forums contribute in collaborative learning and helps in peer evaluation.


“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”

                                                                                                                                              - Arnold H. Glasgow

Success at the first attempt is more likely to be a case of chance than effort. The belief that BVICAM culture instills is that if you decide to achieve a goal, whether the result will be success or failure, depends upon how much pluck and perseverance that word “decide” contains. Thus, the students are trained to setup a not too realistic goal and put persistent efforts into the process of realizing it.

We also practice the pray “Keep me humble-when I succeed, and keep my faith-when I fail.”

Thinking beyond the realm

We believe that the professionals must be socially responsible besides their professional competency.” Grow or Die”, goes the old economic maxim. BVICAM encourages looking beyond the horizon, so as to confront the global collapse and envision a sustainable future. Technical, cultural and spiritual growth of our students is ensured by means of regular workshops and seminars conducted by leading industrialists, scientists, academicians, spiritual leaders, artists, Kavi Sammelan, National Conferences, National Student Conventions, … and the list goes on.